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Your Guide To Demi-Fine Jewellery

What is demi-fine jewellery? How, where and when can it be worn?

We've put together a guide to tell you all you need to know about your next demi-fine piece...

What is demi-fine jewellery?

Demi-fine jewellery is for those who like the finer things in life, blurring the lines between fashion and luxury, high street and high end. Far more timeless in design than micro-trends, which appear in fashion and costume jewellery, the secret in demi-fine jewellery is the materials used in creating them. They are made with 925 sterling silver or 18ct/22ct gold plating, in conjunction with stunning semi-precious gemstones. Demi-fine jewellery is made to last and to be treasured for years to come - not just this season!

The rising trend of demi-fine jewellery allows you to enjoy gold, silver and gemstones through a more purse friendly option, that allows you to add luxury to the everyday without having to compromise on quality. This means you can align your pieces more closely with fine jewellery, because of the metals and stones used in their design. 

Our elegant seasonal and Pearl & Malachite collections encompass the meaning of demi-fine jewellery, decorated with semi-precious stones and 925 sterling silver or gold plating. Treat yourself to one of these stunning pieces, guaranteed to bring you a touch of luxury, sophistication and quality for years to come...

How do I care for demi-fine jewellery?

Here at ChloBo, all of our jewellery, with a little bit of care and attention, is designed to bring you joy for years and years, even with every-day wear. By removing your pieces when in water (especially chlorinated or salt-water) or when applying cosmetics, and by properly storing your jewellery and by cleaning your pieces with our Polishing Cloth, your ChloBo piece will love you back for years to come!

Take a look at our Jewellery Care page for a more in-depth guide on how to appropriately care for your jewellery.

How do I wear my demi-fine pieces?

Our demi-fine jewellery pieces are minimal and versatile, meaning they can be worn as stunning standalone pieces or they can be stacked and layered to create a unique look. With endless combinations of pieces the creative control is in your hands, allowing you to build a brand new look each and every time you wear your jewels. 

Looking for a pop of colour? Keep an eye out for our seasonal collections, with new semi-precious gemstones making an appearance each time to add something a little different to your jewellery box. 

Demi-Fine Jewellery

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