Care For Your ChloBo

Your guide to caring for your jewellery...

Each individual ChloBo piece is handmade with love and designed to last. All 925 sterling silver, gold plated and semi-precious stone jewellery needs a little tender loving care from time to time, so we've put together our top tips to help you make sure your ChloBo pieces will continue to bring you joy for years to come...

When to remove your jewellery

Although your ChloBo is made for everyday wear, there are a few occasions on which we recommend you remove your pieces for their protection...

During exercise - Sweat can accelerate the tarnishing process.

In water - Particularly in saltwater and chlorine as the two can affect the outer layer of your jewellery and cause tarnishing.

When washing - When showering or bathing the water and soaps can negatively affect your pieces.

When applying cosmetics - Things such as perfume, hairspray and makeup can all affect your jewellery due to the alcohol and/or oil content.

When cleaning - Astringent cleaning products are as harsh to our jewellery, as they are to your skin, be sure to wear gloves or remove your ChloBo pieces.

Gemstones and pearls - Take extra care with gemstones and pearls as they are porous, so discolouration can happen when liquids and oils seep in.

Storing your jewellery

Although tarnishing is a natural and common chemical reaction which occurs over time, storing your jewellery appropriately will help keep them looking their best.

Store airtight - Store your pieces in an airtight jewellery box to avoid oxidisation (our ChloBo pink boxes are not suitable for this).

Humidity - If you live in a humid environment, add in a few packets of silica gel to help prevent moisture.

Store individually - Keep your pieces separate in their original pouches to avoid scratching and tangling in your jewellery box.

Wear often - the best way to avoid tarnishing is by wearing your pieces often, keep them in rotation!

Cleaning your jewellery

It's important that you clean your jewellery based on the materials it's made from, to avoid causing any damage to the outer layer of your pieces.

925 sterling silver - Prevent tarnish build up and bring back shine by buffing with your ChloBo polishing cloth. For a deeper clean, use mild dish soap, warm water and a soft bristled toothbrush, rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth.

18ct/22ct gold plated - Buff gently with your ChloBo polishing cloth to bring back shine. 

Gemstones and pearls - It's important to use the white side of your ChloBo polishing cloth only when cleaning gemstones and pearls to avoid causing any damage to your pieces.

Jewellery Care & Warranty

For more information on caring for your ChloBo, head over to our Jewellery Care & Warranty page, and don't forget to pick up a ChloBo polishing cloth to make cleaning your jewellery that little bit easier...

Jewellery Care & Warranty