Under the 1973 Hallmarking Act, it is a legal requirement to hallmark items made of precious metals like silver and gold to certify their standard of purity.

Items must be submitted to one of the 4 UK Assay offices to be tested and a hallmark stamp is applied to certify the product.

What is a Hallmark?

Hallmarks are a set of stamps applied to items of precious metals such as gold and silver to certify they are what they say they are. There are specific weight thresholds for hallmarking. Only items over 7.78g in silver require hallmarking in the UK, however certain countries have different hallmarking requirements.

What Does It Look Like?

Each hallmark tells its own story through a series of individual marks within the hallmark stamp. A complete ChloBo hallmark consists of three symbols:

Sponsor’s Mark: Also known as the maker’s mark, the CB sign is our unique ChloBo signature to the piece

Standard Mark: This mark shows the precious metal content of the piece. All ChloBo jewellery is made from the finest 925 Sterling Silver

Assay Office Mark: This mark indicates the Assay office which tested and hallmarked the piece. Each of the 4 UK assay offices has a different stamp

Our Guarantee to You

ChloBo fully complies with the 1973 Hallmarking Act and all our precious metal jewellery carries the legally required independent hallmark which verifies the metal content to assure our customers of its quality.

Did You Know?

ChloBo jewellery has been approved by AnchorCert Protect meaning that our jewellery is allergen free and kind to your skin.