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Our dreamy limited-edition candle...

In collaboration with To The Moon, this candle joins ChloBo as an online exclusive and features an inset sodalite stone. This eco-luxury soy candle is guaranteed to bring you hours of luxurious comfort…

Jessica Sharpe lovingly hand pours each and every candle in the heart of Liverpool.

In 2019 To The Moon was born out of love, strength and memory after Jess lost her best friend and soulmate, Lee. Lee's motto was 'to the moon’, meaning not even the sky's the limit, giving Jess the courage to set up her own business and see it through.

Jess ensures that to the moon is an eco-conscious, luxury home fragrance company, with a huge focus on using recyclable packaging and materials. Each product is free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum and animal derived ingredients, meaning that each and every candle is 100% cruelty free.

This collaboration delicately weaves the ethos' of both brands and aligns perfectly with our Phases Of The Goddess collection, celebrating our moon and its lunar energies.

"These scents interweave seamlessly with ChloBo's jewellery, allowing wearers to embody the moon's rhythmic energy and set intentions while embracing their personal growth."

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New Moon {Concentration | Focus | Trust} 

Known to ease anxieties, to aid in remaining relaxed, patient and trusting of your journey.

Cedar Wood

Waxing Moons {Grounding | Calming | Regrowth}

Bringing balance and steadiness to the spirit. Encouraging us to bring our dreams into reality.

Fir Needle

Full Moon {Mood Lifting | Stimulating | Strengthening}

Mood boosting, refreshing, and reviving. Supporting the improvement of mental clarity and good communication.


Waning Moons {Confidence | Tranquillity | Serenity}

The oil of tranquillity, for its ability to bring a sense of inner calm. Strengthening the connection between our intuition and heart.

Featuring an inset stone of semi-precious sodalite, the icon of our Phases Of The Goddess collection, this candle leaves you with a keepsake long after you blow out the flame. 

Before igniting the flame, carefully remove your sodalite stone to prevent damage, ensuring you're able to absorb its powers for years to come. 

Take a look at To The Moon's guide on connecting with your semi-precious stone:

To activate your crystal, gently rub between your palms, allowing its energy to resonate with your intentions. Feel its coolness and smoothness against your skin as it awakens your cosmic connection.

After the meditation, place the sodalite crystal in a sacred space, a place where you can see it daily. This serves as a visual reminder of your connection to the moon's energy and your intentions. 

Top tip: To cleanse and charge your sodalite stone, leave it out under the light of a full moon.

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So there it is, our perfect cosy essential... make sure you grab one of these beautifully handmade limited edition pieces, once they're gone, they're gone!

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