Jewellery Care & Warranty

 Looking for a helping hand? We’ve got you covered with our 12 month warranty and jewellery care guide…

All of our 925 sterling silver, gold plating, rose gold plating & semi-precious stone jewellery needs a little tender loving care from time to time and what better way to know how to care for your jewellery, than with our top tips and tricks:

Did you know?

The stones we source are from natural environments and are therefore unique, occasionally some stones vary in size, tone and finish. Small imperfections or 'beauty spots', as we like to call them, are inherent and add character and individuality to the stone. There is no better feeling than knowing you have something different from everyone else…

Jewellery Care

Polish: Get your polishing cloth at the ready, because you’re about to take your pieces from looking worn, to brand new. Providing you polish your ChloBo jewellery frequently you’ll be able to maintain the newness, as well as preventing any tarnish build up.

Take a look at our branded ChloBo polishing cloth. Ideal for all metals and stones*

Store: When all is said and done, make sure you put your jewellery away at the end of each day…

Not just anywhere! Make sure you leave your ChloBo pieces in a tarnish-resistant pouch or in an airtight jewellery box. Please be reminded that our gift boxes are not suitable for jewellery storage.

Remove: We love a good workout, but make sure that if you are engaging in any physical activity, especially swimming in chlorine or saltwater, please remove all your ChloBo pieces as it may cause your pieces to tarnish or affect the outer finish.

Pearl Jewellery: Pearls are thirsty, they love the open air and being within a moist environment, so our top tip is to wear them as much as you can! We recommend using a soft cloth or the white side of our polishing cloths when cleaning your pearls and to store them away from other jewellery which will help prevent any scratches.

As tarnishing stands, it’s a natural and common chemical reaction which occurs over time. With our top tips you can help prevent tarnish build up and get the most out of your ChloBo pieces…

*Please only use the white side of the polishing cloth for your stones and as directed on the packaging.

Limited Contact: We highly recommend that when doing house hold chores or sprucing yourself up with some moisturiser and perfume, you remove all your jewellery. We know, they look beautiful on so why would you take them off?! But, keep the beauty and take them off when using any lotions, sanitisers, perfumes or cleaning products etc…
You’ll thank us in the long run.

Cleaning Service: We understand that you’re busy, so we’re here to help you out!Give your pieces the TLC they deserve with our in-house cleaning service.For more information, please contact

There we have it! As long as you take care of your ChloBo piece, it will love you back for years to come! ♡


“Oh no, I've broken my new ChloBo piece…”

All ChloBo jewellery comes with a 12-month warranty.

Should your jewellery become tarnished or damaged due to a manufacturing fault, we promise to repair or replace the item free of charge within one year of purchase.


“Oops, it’s a little over 12 months…”

We’ve still got your back, our friendship isn’t going anywhere. After the 12 month warranty period has ended, we still have you covered with any accidental damage/breakage. For a small charge, we are able to repair your ChloBo items and restore them back to their original glory.

Head over to our repairs page for more information.