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This natural gemstone is one of empowerment, believed to open the heart to love and open the mind to making decisions that will change your life for the better. The meandering swirls of deep green are believed to protect, clearing negative energy from the space it occupies, leaving the opportunity to wander and grow freely. This year is all about self-growth, self-love and reaching your goals. Whether you have your goals set out or not, manifest good outcomes from this year with semi-precious Malachite and resonate with your ambitions.

Grounding - Infuse tranquility into your life with the Harmony Bracelet, and manifest growth, guidance and grounding. Featuring shimmering pearls amongst beads of malachite, this bracelet will encourage you to be grounded at one with nature and to disconnect from the chaos of life.

Protection - Not sure where this year will take you or what to manifest? Wear the Inner Wisdom Bracelet and trust that you are on the right path and that you are where you're meant to be at this moment. Trust in your own instincts and inner wisdom as you embark on a journey towards your ultimate destiny.

Guidance - Manifest your goals for the year and allow yourself to be guided there with the Guidance Ring. Nestled amongst beads of powerful Malachite, the shimmering pearl will gently guide you along your journey of life, to follow your dreams and wander freely in whichever direction life takes you. 

In nature, pearls and malachite are a powerful match. Pearls symbolise love and loyalty, while malachite is thought to clear away negative energy and open our hearts to new love. If these are things you are manifesting for this year, our Pearl & Malachite collection is the one for you. Packed with power and symbolism, these pieces will guide you through your love life, while the stones of malachite clear the negativity along the way. 

Pair your stones of protective malachite with freshwater pearls, symbolic of love, luck and loyalty, and use them to manifest developments in your love life this year - be that love for another or simply for yourself!

Love - Manifest true love entering your life this year with the Purity Bracelet, encompassing protection and loyalty. Allow yourself to open your heart to new love as negative energy is cleared with the protection of malachite stones.

Loyalty - Providing luck and protection on your journey of life, wear the Guidance Ring and manifest a very special ring from your significant other, and with it eternal loyalty. Wear this ring to reflect the pop of sparkle you're hoping to receive this year. 

Luck - Wander and grow freely this year with confidence as the Lucky Aura Necklace supplies you with luck and protection. Flourish in your own self love and manifest self-growth with the combination of freshwater pearls and stones of malachite.

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