Building your stack might not happen overnight, it’s a journey, and it’s important to choose the charms that really resonate with you so that you’re stack tells a story, expresses your style and empowers your personality through the pieces you wear!

Follow the main steps below when stacking your ChloBo bracelets and you’ll never go wrong... 

STEP 1 - Find Your Base Bracelets!

Let’s start with the base bracelets by adding those all-important dainty designs. Our Mini Cube and Cute Charm bracelets are perfect for starting your stack. Add a little texture by combining with Mini Noodle and Cute Mini designs. Each charm holds a different meaning, so choose the charms that resonate with you most, to create a unique and meaningful stack.

STEP 2 - Add A Touch Of Texture!

Once you have a mix of dainty pieces, let’s think about adding a little more texture. Bring on the snake chain with the Tide Bracelet, add those extra charms with Multi Charm Bracelets, or change up the lengths with our adjustable bracelets. There's plenty to choose from, so you won't be short of textures!

STEP 3 - Chunkier Pieces

When looking for bold, statement styles, we have just the thing for you with our Boho-Luxe collection! The Chunky Elephant Bracelet, The Moss Bracelet and Medium Ball Tassel Bracelet are just a small number of ideal pieces to incorporate within your stack, but remember, tassel charms ward away any negative energy, so we believe no stack is complete without one! 

REMEMBER - Never Be Afraid To Mix Your Metal & Introduce Different Stones  

Take a step out of your comfort zone and into the world of creative stacks! It’s one thing adding in those textures and charms, but mixing your metals and adding freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones, give the pop of colour that’s needed for any outfit! Remember, keep an eye on our seasonal collections, you never know which precious stones may appear!

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