Layering your neckline is one of the most fashionable moves you can make and if you want to take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, now is the time to allow your jewellery box to shine. It’s always best to add to your style with a bold, statement look, but in a sort of, soft and gentle way and layering your neckline with our ChloBo charms is exactly that!

“How do I get the layered look?”

Ok girl, we’ve got you. It’s all about different lengths, different textures and even different colours. There's a small amount of thought put into creating the most desirable layering neckline with your ChloBo necklaces but to everyone else. Effortless…

Let’s start with the basic foundations and must do’s when it comes to layering;
Work from top to bottom, add texture, add a focal point and don’t be afraid to mix your metals!

Layer One

Let's keep it on the short side. An ideal length for your very first layer is high upon your neckline, almost like a choker style and with our Tide Necklace, Rhythm Of Water Necklace and Forever Love Necklace, you have plenty of colours and textures to choose from.

Layer Two

This is where you add your focus point. Sitting just below your first textured piece, you’re able to add your favourite ChloBo charms making this layer your most meaningful one yet! Add a slightly longer chain with our bobble chain and box chain or maybe you need a little more texture? Add the Ariella Necklace for more depth and a chunkier style!

TOP TIP: Want to wear two necklaces that are the same length? Clip together the opposite loop of each chain and pull down on the necklace you want to layer a little longer!

Layer Three

This final layer is everything! Like the time when Cinderella tries on the glass slipper and it fits… This is that same moment. Specifically made, for you! The Moss Necklace, Fearless Necklaces and our Diamond Cut Necklaces are THE accessory essential to knock your outfit into another world and with our personalised diamond cut adjustable necklace, you can add more meaning to your layers at any given length. The freedom is truly yours!

TOP TIP:  Did you know our diamond cut chains are long enough to wrap around your neckline twice?! Now you have a chocker style mixed with a longer chain!

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