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The story behind our new collection

31 Mar 2020

Our new Spring Summer 2020 collection has arrived! Take a look at our favourite pieces, behind the scenes on the shoot and the official collection video.

We have been so excited for the launch of our new collection, as it takes a whole new look at our iconic stacking bracelets by introducing new styles, textures, charms and stones. Keep reading to find out more...


The inspiration

The collection was inspired by ChloBo’s founder Chloe and her close connection from childhood to the beautiful coastline of Abersoch, a place she holds dear to her heart. The collection reflects the rhythm of the waves breaking over the reef, in harmony with the peaceful waters lapping into the shore. The range features semi-precious stones Amazonite and Moonstone, reflecting rolling waves and ocean waters.

'The waves of the sea, help me get back to me' - Chloe Moss

So what’s new?

We added lots of brand new styles that we have never done before including chunky chains, snake chains, adjustable bracelets and semi-precious stones Amazonite and Moonstone.

The Shoot

For the shoot we decided to take a stripped back approach to put emphasis on the intricate detail within the jewellery, for close up stacking shots and to mirror the feeling of peace and harmony that inspired the collection. Here are a few sneak peeks from behind the scenes:

The Final Video

Take a look at our final collection video, we hope you love it as much as we do!


We love them all but here are some of our favourites within the collection:



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