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The Girls With The Pearls...

01 Jun 2021

Pearls are said to be 'the queen of the gems' and we couldn’t agree more! Our freshwater pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces are believed to symbolise love, luck, loyalty and new beginnings.

June marks the month of Pearl and is aligned through the zodiac sign, Gemini, as well as representing 30 years of marriage, 30 years! We’re not sure about you but that’s some good going, share the secret for a lasting love!

Pearls are said to be 'the queen of the gems' and we couldn’t agree more! All our freshwater pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces are handmade, and believed to symbolise love, luck and loyalty. They are also said to represent fresh starts, so whether you're getting married, starting a new career or about to embark on a new journey, pearls can help you create a new start.

Pearl BannerPearl Banner

Each one of our freshwater pearls take between 3-5 years to grow! Perfection takes time! Aging like a fine wine comes to mind.

In order for them to grow, their natural environment must be just right; they must be in fresh water and it needs to be pollution free. Let’s just say, they are high maintenance! We’re all about helping our planet in any way we can, so it’s great to know our pearls are part of our sustainable journey.

The clams that they are grown within usually open in October each year. The colour of each pearl is natural and untouched and just like us, no pearl is the same, they have their own unique shape, size and marks but we like to call them ‘beauty spots’.

As you can see it takes a lot of time and patience to get our pearl pieces to look this pearlfect!

We've added a few of our favourite top picks below which we know will make your outfit pop with a dash of glam!

What are you waiting for?! Find your perfect pearl piece...

Forever And Always Bracelet

A love we will treasure forever. The anglel wing charm is a reminder that your guardian angel is always with you and worn as a symbol of love, comfort, guidance and protection.



The Story Of LoveThe Story Of Love

Love and Protection Set Of 2


Use the properties of the tassel charm to ward off negative energy and build more positivity in your life. The Love and Protection bracelet has been designed with a tassel to offer protection and handmade with pearls for the purity of love.



Love & Protection Set Of 2Love & Protection Set Of 2

Personalised Pearl Sparkle Disc Bracelet

Create a bracelet that means the most to you or a loved one. Engrave a time, a place a name or a date and showcase your piece within a stack. It’s your chance to add a stamp of love.



Personalised Pearl Sparkle Disc Bracelet Personalised Pearl Sparkle Disc Bracelet

Lifelong Magic Necklace

The magic touch…the Life Long Magic Necklace brings something extra special to every occasion. This necklace features an adjustable fasten and is the ideal piece to wear alone or layered. There are 3 star charms wrapped in freshwater pearls allowing you to step onto a path of guidance, offering lifelong hope as well as magic! To complete the look, style with the Life Long Magic Set of 2.



Life Long Magic Necklace Life Long Magic Necklace
Pearl necklinePearl neckline
Personalised Pearl Personalised Pearl
Pearl StackPearl Stack

We wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, so don’t forget you can stack and style your pearl pieces with your precious little ones too!

We’ve changed up some pieces from our original collection to fit the wrists of those smaller souls in our lives to give them a chance to shine a little more with our children's pearl bracelets! 

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