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Stack with Style

26 Feb 2020

Layer your neckline, stack your ears and build that stack. Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered…

Gone are the days of the basic charm bracelet, these days it’s about stacking absolutely EVERYTHING! Everyone wants that perfect layered necklace look, those chic ears and the most expensive looking wrist.

That is where we come in, we are about to show you how to style the latest trends of stacking and layering your ChloBo jewellery.


Neckline Goals

Leading the trend this year has to be the love for necklace layering and here at ChloBo this is music to our ears.

When creating your layered look think about mixing chains and lengths. Start with your longest chain and begin to add complimenting shorter ones. Lock in two of your favourite necklaces by putting the clasp of the first necklace through the link of the second necklace. This will help you to create the layered look without the pain of tangling.




Ear Envy

These days one pair of earrings just isn’t enough! If you really want to make a statement start stacking those ears.

If you have multiple piercings this is a great way to showcase your ChloBo earrings and create your very own ear party.

Start by adding a medium hoop to your first piercing, this sets the eyes on your ears that will gradually lead to an ‘on trend’ look. Compliment this by adding a pair of huggie hoops, they are small but essential and are super popular right now. Now to finish your look off grab your everyday studs (your best friend) and there you have it, a super stylish combination of your favourite earrings. You’re now ready to make an entrance!




Winner Wrists

Express your personality without words, let your ChloBo bracelets tell your story.

Firstly, you need to decide on what metal you choose, mixing metals is no longer ruled out. Once you have chosen your metal it’s now time to decide on your story. ChloBo offer a large variety of charms with endless meanings, meanings that can portray a strong and unique tale about you, this is something that can be captured immediately or something that is a story waiting to be told. Now let’s start stacking, you want a bracelet that acts as a main focus to your story, this doesn’t necessarily need to be the biggest and boldest but definitely something you really LOVE! This could be a charm that is extra special to you or maybe just a style bracelet that has the perfect texture for you to play with. Once this is on you can now start complimenting with various sizes and charms to create that beautiful tale.



It’s time to express yourself with your new ChloBo stack. Flaunt it like you’re the next big thing!

Here at ChloBo we love to see all your beautiful jewellery so PLEASE share your story. Tag us on instagram!



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