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Discover Our Brand New Collection - Sacred Earth

25 Mar 2021

Our latest collection, Sacred Earth has been inspired by founder Chloe's self-belief in being aligned with all four elements of life earth, air, fire and water.

Each element has its own characteristics, and when combined their positive and negative properties work together in synergy to keep us balanced. Fire gives us strength and passion. Earth keeps us grounded and helps us to heal. Water allows us to flow, and air allows us to relax with each breath we take. This collection has been designed to centre around the meaning of each element and to help keep us balanced.

Just like anything, balance is important.
No element is more important than the other, each one should be combined in equal measure to help us stay balanced.

Sacred Earth ElementsSacred Earth Elements


Earth Element JewelleryEarth Element Jewellery

Allow yourself to grow & feel grounded.

The earth element enables us to feel grounded. It reminds us to look after ourselves, find a positive mindset and nurture our body to feel secure with all that we are, individually and together.


Air Element JewelleryAir Element Jewellery
Air Element JewelleryAir Element Jewellery

Relax & embrace positive change.

The air element helps us to overcome obstacles, to trust positive outcomes, communicate and relax with each breath of fresh air we inhale.


Fire Element JewelleryFire Element Jewellery
Fire Element JewelleryFire Element Jewellery

Strength, Passion & Courage.

Fire fuels our energy, passion, and ambition. It gives us the willpower and inner strength to achieve our goals.


Water Element JewelleryWater Element Jewellery
Water Element JewelleryWater Element Jewellery

Adapt, Flow & harness your emotions.

The water element allows us to go with the flow, harness our emotions and adapt to any situation. Release the imagination and utilise our creativity through the water element.

The Flower Of Life

Flower Of LifeFlower Of Life
Flower Of LifeFlower Of Life

The flower of life is the cycle of creation. It is believed the detailed pattern within the flower of life charm illustrates how all life comes from one source, which is represented by the circle in the middle of the pattern.

Multi Charm Pieces

Combine all four elements in one, with our multi charm pieces. We’ve also introduced a brand-new product… an Anklet! Get ready for summer and stack your jewellery from head to toe with the new Multi Charm Elements Anklet.

With all that we are and all that we have, we should be balanced within life, mind and body. 

Find the elements that you feel connected to most and keep yourself centred...

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