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We chat all things Perfume with Chloe

22 May 2020

We took some time out this week to chat to ChloBo’s founder, Chloe about all things perfume!

From the initial inspiration, to finding the perfect scent, get a deeper insight into the creation of our new perfume ‘Happy Soul’. We have also included some reviews from our lovely bloggers!

Happy Soul PerfumeHappy Soul Perfume

What made you want to introduce a perfume?

As a brand I think it is really important to explore new avenues and keep offering our wonderful customers new and exciting things. We love helping people express themselves through jewellery so we thought it was now time to help them feel good and express themselves through a fragrance. From a personal perspective, I love wearing perfume, it has the ability to instantly make me feel good and uplift my mood.


How did you find the process and what did you enjoy most?

It was an exciting journey from start to finish. I enjoyed creating the initial concept and testing the different scents to find the perfect blend that represents me and the ChloBo brand. It was so difficult to keep it a secret for the last 12 months! I have been so excited and have been looking forward to the launch day for so long! I am so happy to finally announce it and share with everyone! The positive response and support has been amazing.

Why did you choose these particular scents?

Aromatherapy and scent are powerful things, they can trigger all sorts of memories, moments and emotions. They can bring comfort and allow us to remember things or take us back to a certain place that we might have forgotten about. 

It was originally inspired by my mum and based on a perfume she used to wear when I was younger, so I really wanted to recreate something similar to remind me of her and take me to a happy place.

For me the fragrance also takes me back to walks along the beach, in particular a memory I have walking along coast in the Cote d’Azur on family holidays. It’s the warm tropical air, coupled with the sun soak fig trees and earthy tones that I like the best. It also features heavier base notes, of woody tones which help it last longer.

Are you happy with the final product? It is your new go-to perfume?

I love it! It’s always nerve racking launching something new but I have been overwhelmed with the love and support from everyone. The perfect thing about the perfume is its size. With it being a 30ml bottle it is ideal for popping in my bag so I can wear it wherever I go.

Blogger Reviews 

Happy Soul PerfumeHappy Soul Perfume

'Oh my gosh, I got your perfume yesterday and I'm in love with it!!!! It's gorgeous and perfect for summer!' @louisaxgrace 

Happy Soul PerfumeHappy Soul Perfume

'Such a fresh scent, strong as I could smell It before I opened the packaging but not overpowering! I'm a big fan - Honestly love it, I have my mum, 3 sisters and daughter who would all wear this!' @myshabbybohome

So what are you waiting for, shop Happy Soul Perfume now:



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