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Meet The Sacred Earth Shoot Crew

16 Apr 2021

Get to know the crew behind the shoot and gain an insight into how we brought our new Sacred Earth collection to life...

Our brand new Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Sacred Earth, launched this month and we’re overwhelmed with the love it has received in such a short amount of time!

Planning a shoot starts months in advance, once the designs and samples have been signed off we can really start to visualise the new collection and get started on a shot list.

A shot list is created to guide us through the day, make sure we capture all the looks we need to launch and help the collection come to life! For this shoot we took 7 key looks which included a shot for each element earth, air, fire and water, as well as 3 separate shots for silver, gold and mixed metal...

Mixed Metal Mixed Metal
Gold Necklaces Gold Necklaces
Silver JewellerySilver Jewellery
Silver and Gold Silver and Gold

Detailed within the shot list there is a specific location, hair style, make up look, outfit and pose inspiration, as well as different jewellery pieces dedicated to each look.

As this collection is based on the 4 elements of life, it was only right that we shot in the open air and Talacre Beach in Wales was the perfect location. With a full day of shooting outside, everything needed to be in full swing from 7am and timed correctly for any changes in weather.

There were glimpses of sun, wild winds and clouded skies but nevertheless it was a successful day of shooting, that was topped off with a gorgeous sunset! The beautiful imagery that surrounds this collection wouldn’t have been possible without our fabulous shoot crew to make it all a reality and bring the Sacred Earth collection to life.

With that being said, let’s meet those who allowed the day to sail smoothly…

Meet The Crew - BTSMeet The Crew - BTS
Chloe MossChloe Moss

Name & Title:
Chloe Moss, Founder and Creative Director

Role on the shoot:
"My job on shoot was to style the pieces I have created and ensure that each shot was put together correctly and accordingly to each element. The main aim of my day was to get THE shot for every look!"

Katie HopeKatie Hope

Name & Title:
Katie, Ecommerce Manager

Role on the shoot:
"My role on the shoot was to assist with all jewellery packs and ensure the model had the correct pieces styled, for each look."

Jodie HillJodie Hill

Name & Title:
Jodie, Marketing Manager

Role on the shoot:
"My job was to coordinate the photoshoot, make sure everything ran smoothly on the itinerary and ensure we got the shots that we needed."


Zoe EvansZoe Evans

Name & Title:
Zoe, Marketing Assistant

Role on the shoot:
"I was in charge of capturing all of the social media content and assisting my manager Jodie, all day long!"


Hair & Make UpHair & Make Up

Name & Title:
Naomi, Hair Stylist

Role on the shoot:

"My job on the shoot was to style the hair for each look, as well as being on hand throughout the day."

Name & Title:
Alisha, Make Up Artist

Role on the shoot:
"I was the make up artist on shoot and was at her side for any little touch ups during the day."


Name & Title:
Chris, Photographer

Role on the shoot:
"My job was to capture the new collection and make sure we got THE shot the girls had been looking looking for."


Name & Title:
Steve, Videographer

Role on the shoot:
"I was the videographer and there to capture the all-important behind the scenes footage!"


ChloBo Sales ChloBo Sales

Name & Tile:
Andi, Brand & Sales Director

Role on the shoot:
"My job on shoot was to help merchandise and to ensure we got the shot for both online and for our ChloBo retailers."


Name & Title:
Steph, Stylist

Role on the shoot:
"My job on the shoot was to work together with Chloe to show the collection off, through different styling and looks. I ensured all shots were styled correctly and made any last minute outfit changes."


Model Model

Name & Title:
Charlotte, Model

Role on the shoot:
"I was the face of the Sacred Earth collection. I had to brace the cold and help get the BEST jewellery shots to support the spring/summer campaign."

As we were shooting our Spring/Summer campaign at the end of Winter on the coast of Wales, Charlotte had one of the hardest jobs throughout the day, trying to stay warm! There was a chill in the air and being so close to the sea made it feel like -1 degree, but in true ChloBo spirit, we rallied together and made it to sunset!

Watch our full 'Behind The Scenes' video and get a feel for a full shoot day!


With such an amazing team behind us, we’re able to bring you…

Sacred Earth CollectionSacred Earth Collection


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