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Make Room! New Pieces Are Here!

28 Sep 2020

We're in the mood for some newness and girls, have we got newness for you! 

We've given our core collections a little shake-up and added some new pieces we know you'll love. It’s ok, you can do a little dance. We already have!

From our iconic bracelets, necklaces and earrings, to brand new adjustable bracelets. You'll certainly find something that screams your name and gives you that twinkle in your eyes.

New In JewelleryNew In Jewellery
The Golden GlowThe Golden Glow
Sterling Silver JewellerySterling Silver Jewellery
Mixed Metal JewelleryMixed Metal Jewellery

Introducing a new family member to our core collection…

Adjustable Bracelets

Slip onto your wrist with its sliding adjuster, these bracelets are a
perfect fit, just like Cinderella’s glass slipper! Add different textures with shapes and size or dare to be different with mixed metal.

You’ll never go wrong with an adjustable bracelet, whether it’s a gift for yourself or a gift for another, sprinkle some sparkle and be the centre of attention.

Adjustable BraceletsAdjustable Bracelets
Mixed Metal JewelleryMixed Metal Jewellery

New Mixed Metal

Can you handle the heat? Are you brave enough to mix up your metals and add colour to your stack?

Psst, hey, you there. The answer is YES!

We think you’ve got what it takes and we can certainly see you’ve got the style too. Of course you do, you’re one of us…

With our added pieces, we’ve included bracelets made up of all different beads to give your wrist that ultimate look.

Noodle beads, Pumpkin beads and not forgetting our classic 3mm/4mm round beads, you have a world full of 925 sterling silver mixed within gold and rose gold to choose from!

Go on, what are you waiting for, do it! We dare you…

 The New ‘Ultimate Look’

Now take your classic stack, maybe it’s a stack of bracelets, necklaces or earrings and add something new.

Add texture with the Mini Small Ball Padlock Bracelet and lock in your memories of how glam you looked with your original ChloBo pieces. Then POW! Now you’ve unlocked a world of new dimensions to your stack.

Mini Small Ball Padlock BraceletMini Small Ball Padlock Bracelet

Be unstoppable. Not just today, but every day and make it count with our Lightning Bolt Cuff Earrings. Wear alone or add to your stack, it’s your time to shine and you’ve got the attention of everyone with that sparkle.



Lightning Bolt Cuff EarringsLightning Bolt Cuff Earrings

It’s a showstopper and the ultimate necklace. The Ariella Necklace.

Representing courage, power and leadership the Ariella Necklace features a lioness head on a hoop with a solid wheel charm.

Add something a little chunky to your neckline and girl, your outfit looked a 10/10 before and now you’re off the scale!

Ariella NecklaceAriella Necklace

Yes, we did say we’ve got new charms for you and the Didi Sparkle Rocket Bracelet is quickly becoming a favourite, we can totally see why!

 Launching in, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The rocket charm represents a commitment to launch. Take control, head for the highest comet and allow yourself to head into the depths of the universe.

This charm gives you the glow up you deserve. Wear it with pride knowing you’re about to reach for the stars.

Didi Sparkle Rocket BraceletDidi Sparkle Rocket Bracelet

Earlier this year we launched our Cute Charm Rainbow Bracelet. Well, now you can get the set.

If you’ve already purchased the bracelet or you’re just about to order yours, you can now add the Delicate Box Chain Rainbow Necklace to your basket too!

Wear it close to your heart and around your neck, the rainbow charm is displayed upon a 40cm delicate chain. This charm is a reminder that there is always hope and light to follow darker times because after all, there is never a rainbow without a little rain.

Bringing to you, a touch of positivity, hope & good fortune.

Delicate Box Chain Rainbow NecklaceDelicate Box Chain Rainbow Necklace

There’s so much more for you to see, what are you still doing here?

Go on, get your newness!



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