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It's Here - ChloBo's First Fragrance

15 May 2020

That’s right! You’ve heard correctly. We’ve launched a new perfume and we cannot begin to explain how ecstatic we are to share it with you!

We know you can’t see us, but we are totally doing a celebratory dance behind the computer screen right now.

It’s a first ever for ChloBo and a new adventure - you know how much we love to travel and explore new things. Afterall, ChloBo was born by Founder Chloe and the inspiration she took when discovering enchanting places across the globe.  

Chloe says:

‘I’m over the moon to be launching my own perfume!

It’s been a while in the making and a secret that was hard to keep, but now we can finally shout about it and share the excitement with our extended ChloBo family.

I hope you love it, just as much as I do!’

Happy Soul Perfume Happy Soul Perfume

We absolutely agree with Chloe that the perfume is one of THE hardest secrets to keep. Don’t get us wrong, there a few times we’ve been close to having loose lips in the office, but someone was always at the ready with the parcel tape to keep them sealed.

Now we can shout about it because the secret is out!

Introducing ‘Happy Soul’…

You know when a certain scent brings back memories of joy and makes you feel content living back in that moment, even just for a minute. This is exactly why it is called ‘Happy Soul’, because every time you spray your new perfume, it fills your soul with happiness and will be the scent-re of every moment.

‘Happy Soul’ is a flirty, fig-infused fragrance, reminiscent of coastline walks along the Cote d’Azur, dotted with wild fig trees, coupled with the subtle array of woody barks and earthy tones, which will have you drifting from day to night. So you can pop it in your handbag knowing that you’ll smell fabulous wherever you go and at whatever time. Or maybe you have an empty space on your dressing table which is looking for a new companion. Touching up those loose ends to complete your outfit and just before you finish, you spritz your ‘Happy Soul’. Not only do you smell glorious, but now your room does too and with a fragrance that will last all day.

As with all of our pieces, we do recommend you remove your ChloBo jewellery before spraying your ‘Happy Soul’, but don’t worry too much if you accidently spray a little on them, quickly shine it off with one of our polishing clothes and it’ll be good as new.

It’s definitely a ChloBo first and one to keep an eye on.  A brand-new product for ChloBo and who knows, maybe this will drift onto some more new adventures for us. Shop now:

Happy Soul PerfumeHappy Soul Perfume



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