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Introducing AW'18 Ariella

I am so happy and excited to announce that our A/W’18 collection is here!

After visiting the beautiful Venice, I found ideas for new designs from hidden spots and elegant architecture around the city. I created this collection for the woman who seeks a free-spirited and grounded life. It’s based on love, wisdom and courage that you find on your journey through life, and travels.

I have brought in two new charms for Ariella: the Lion, to represent strength, courage and leadership and the Venetian goddess, to symbolise beauty and independence. Every piece is available in 925 sterling silver and gold plated and handmade in the UK!

Here’s a video and some pictures from our time in Venice.

The name Ariella has the meaning lion of god – representing the woman in all of us who is strong and takes control of her happiness, to create a life that feels good.

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