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Insider - The Dressing Room

We visited the stunning new look Dressing Room boutique set in the beautiful town of St Albans where we got a look into what exciting things have been happening. We caught up with Derryanne for a quick chat...

img_50551.    Hi Derryanne, We love the new store! Tell us what’s new about the Dressing Room?

We have lots more space now we’ve done a new re-fit, and we have a 1/3 more retail space for our customers to shop. Because of this new space, we now have new brands such as Varley and Sundry. We’ve been able to have a little bit more of everything, including jewellery because of the better layout.

img_5063      img_5067

2.     What trends can we look out for this season?

There’s so many this season, firstly – animal print such as leopard print and snakeskin are always a winner.  Colour wise, all the jewel colours are set to trend such as deep reds, greens, purple and plums. We have some beautiful velvet pieces in this fall, perfect for the Christmas party. The celestial trend isn’t going anywhere. 


3.    What are you pairing with your ChloBo at the moment?

For me, ChloBo goes with everything, so I wear it if I’m casual or dressy, so really I think it works perfectly with the new brands we have called Bec & Bridge, which is a beautiful Boho brand. I can’t wait to wear the gypsy dreamer collection with that. Cashmere is also on trend at the moment, and ChloBo compliments it perfectly.


4.    How do you like to stack your ChloBo?

As much as possible for me! I love to mix all my metals and all stones. I love mixing my gold with the new black sparkle beads from gypsy dreamer. I find each collection mixes well with the previous one, as well as iconics. That’s what I love about ChloBo.

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