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Feel The Force Of A New Year…

22 Dec 2020

Start as you mean to go on! Download our wellness journey planner and read our tips and tricks to help you start the New Year right.

Presents have been unwrapped, the leftover turkey has been eaten and the New Year is just around the corner. Let’s go into 2021 with a clear mind and a fresh prospective to what the next 365 days will bring.

We’ve got some great ways to help better yourself over the next few weeks which will allow you to make the most of a new chapter.

Tip 1: Get Organised

Some people find this easy, but others, not so much. Be organised and jot down what you need to do for the day. It really does help your productivity and concentration. The best part is, once you’ve completed the task you can cross this off your list and watch it get smaller!

Tip 2: Make Your Bed

It sounds simple but if you do absolutely anything each day, let it be this…
Get yourself up and make your bed. This way you’ve accomplished the first task and you're inclined to not jump back into it! You’ve made the first vital decision to do something too, so this will allow you to keep being productive throughout the day.

Tip 3: Write Down 3 Things That You Are Grateful For

To think of 3 things each day will be tricky, but try and make them different. Writing these down will make you appreciate what you have. It gives us the free gift of having a positive outlook on life and who we have around us.

Tip 4 : Create Yourself a Mood Board

Create yourself a mood board with images of what you wish for over the year and give yourself something to keep visualising. Be precise in what you want and keep your mind on the board.

Tip 5: Out With the Old, To Make Room For The New

Clear your mind, your room, your car and anything else you can think of. Use this as a chance to donate the items you no longer use to charity shops, pass down your old clothes and for the person who needs to hear this, throw away that damn McDonalds paper bag in your car!

We’ve created you a wellness journey planner to help keep you on track and motivated. Simply hit the download button to save and print or take a screen shot to fill it out on your phone.

We hope this has planted the seed to let yourself grow in this new chapter. We’ll say good-bye to 2020, but it’s been a year we’ll never forget.

So here’s to 2021! We're going into it with gratitude for those surrounding us and hope in our hearts.

From us to you, we wish you all the best,

Love ChloBo x



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