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ChloBo x CH1 Fitness - Mental Well-being

12 Feb 2021

We’ve teamed up with Deborah McVey from CH1 Fitness to get all her top tips on mental well-being and how to feel peace within ourselves, as well as providing some great 'Wake up and flow' yoga videos that you can follow at home to help start the day right!

With all the chaos that is life right now, Deborah gives us an insight on how we can better our mentality each day and where to start…

1. Start your day right. 

Take a little time in the morning before you start your day. During this time, try to: 

 - Set an intention, think about what you really want to get from the day, how you want to go about your day, and how you might treat yourself and others.

- Try repeating an affirmation. An affirmation can remind you that you have the strength and will to get through any challenges you are facing.  Most of us need to remind ourselves about our capabilities at times.

Find inspiration in our ChloBo Affirmation Cards, which are now only £10! 

- Get moving. Move gently and slowly to begin and then build up to whatever feels good for you.  If you aren’t used to a run or some serious high intensity training, then a little yoga or pilates might be a good place to start.  Just 5 minutes of gentle mobilising and flowing movements can transform the day ahead.

CH1 Fitness have some great 'Wake up and flow' yoga classes, which are perfect for the calming wake up we all need. Each yoga session follows one of our ChloBo Affirmation cards to help encourage confidence, positivity and clarity for the day ahead. Give them a go with the link below: 

Wake up and flow with Deborah McVey

"I am happy, beautiful, healthy & strong"

Wake up and flow with Emma Thomas

"I am the energy of perfect love & I a powerful beyond measure"

Wake up and flow with Helen Brownley

"I know my purpose & can achieve my dreams"

2. Take breaks during the day. 

We can all get caught up with too much work and forget to take a break.  Even if you aren’t working, a break from whatever you find yourself doing during lockdown is important. Take a walk, get up and move, prepare and eat a meal, make a call, meditate or try some breathing exercises.  A break is a break.

3. Eat well. 

Nourishing foods that keep our blood sugar at a normal level can really make a difference to our mood.  Go for foods rich in protein, unsaturated fats, and complex, unrefined carbohydrates.

4. Sleep.

Sleep is so important to our mental well-being.  Try to go to bed and get up at a consistent time. Restrict food intake to avoid eating for at least a couple of hours before bed and avoid caffeine late in the day.


5. Reach out. 

We are wired to communicate, to touch and to be with others.  Be sure to reach out to loved ones and don’t wait until you feel you really need to.  Communicate with others as often as you can, perhaps speaking to family over the phone, joining in an exercise class over Zoom and maybe picking up the phone to talk to a work colleague instead of sending yet another email.


6. Disconnect. 

In our world today, we are exposed to constant micro stressors with communications and distractions coming at us from every angle.  When your day is going well, just peaking at social media or getting a poorly worded email can make you feel rotten.  Take control by deciding when you want to connect and disconnect and be sure to spend significant time disconnected.


7. Be aware of what is meaningful and what is superficial. 

It’s easy to get caught up in social media and believe what we see, or feel that responses from our own posts are important.  Remember that so much of what we see on social media is not real.  It’s a world made up of people picking and choosing what to show.  Be careful not to compare your life to a life you see only through the eyes of social media.  In fact, be careful not to compare your life to anyone else’s.  Find connection that is meaningful to you.  

Random Act Of Kindness Week...

We believe everyday is a day to be kind and spread a smile upon someone’s face because kindness grows in the smallest of ways.

With this in mind, we want to give back to our customers and show our appreciation for your support and love.

Within some recent orders, you may find an additional treat. 

Nope, this isn't a mistake! This is just a random act of kindness from us, to you.

With such fabulous and informative tips, we couldn’t thank Deborah at CH1 Fitness enough for her input into our blog. We’ve definitely started to practice these tricks into our every day lives and hope that you can too!

We understand that not every day is easy at the moment and sometimes we struggle. It’s ok to admit this, not just throughout a pandemic but whenever you need help. Help is there. Please reach out to those around you and if you feel like you’re unable to do this, here are a few numbers to contact which will be able to offer you support:


UK's first 24/7 text service. 
Text: 85258 - Free on all major mobile networks

Telephone: 116 123 - 24 hours a day, free to call

Remember, "The sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away" – Captain Tom Moore



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