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ChloBo team up with BBC Bitesize in latest documentary!

30 Nov 2019

We recently teamed up with BBC Bitesize in their latest instalment of ‘World of work’ documentaries. Our Founder Chloe Moss spoke about her experiences, challenges and proud moments in becoming a jewellery designer… read more here.

Inspiring people with the confidence to enhance and express their individuality is what ChloBo is all about. This value, intertwined in our jewellery, is something we truly believe in and inspiring people to have confidence in new opportunities underpins us here at ChloBo.

Recently we got a chance to share this, joining forces with the BBC in the latest installment of documentaries featured on their careers page. An excited buzz at ChloBo HQ was in the air as BBC camera crews arrived to talk all things ChloBo and to film a day in the life of our team at work.

Drawing on our Founder and Creative Director,  Chloe Moss's background, she spoke about her passion and vision for ChloBo starting in Bali, how she made that vision a reality and how the team work hard to keep pieces on trend and on demand.

Following the filming Chloe visited a number of schools in the North West to discuss her experiences further, as well as answer any questions they may have.

The aim of these documentaries is to provide career advice and to encourage young people to aim high throughout their secondary education. For us, it was an amazing experience to offer an insight into the Jewellery industry and give guidance to help prepare young people for the wider world, a prospect that can be very overwhelming!

Inspiring people to have confidence in themselves and make their dreams a reality is something we strive to do here at ChloBo every day and we hope our passion for this will shine through and reach those who need it.



 Take a look at the full video on here:

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