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Be More Mindful...

27 Aug 2020

Welcome To The World Of Mindfulness.

Allow yourself to become more mindful and engage with your surroundings. 

Life, well it’s pretty much the biggest roller coaster you can imagine. You have to strap yourself in and hold on, but don’t be afraid to let go! Feel the breeze through your fingers and reach for the stars because you are here, this is your life and it’s time to pay attention and take control.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘But how?!’.

As a company who manifest good vibes and positivity, we also pay close attention to being mindful and constantly keep ourselves grounded. We practice mindfulness and allow ourselves to be present in the moment.

Mindfulness can help you to enjoy life at a deeper level and understand ourselves better in mind and soul.

What is Mindfulness?

Many people relate mindfulness to meditation. Allowing yourself to relax enough and fully engage with your surroundings. Mindfulness is the value of being present in the moment and to fully engage with whatever you are doing. You’re free from all distractions and judgments, the only thing you are aware of are your thoughts and feelings, without getting too caught up in them. You can train your mindset through meditation, giving you the ability to build the skill of mindfulness and putting these practices in play with everyday life.

Be MindfulBe Mindful

Want to try some mindfulness exercises?

Mindful moving, walking or running – When moving your body, whether it’s slow or fast, you might notice the breeze against your skin. The feeling against your hands and feet grounding to the different surfaces and textures around you , the different lights in the air and the smells that come to surface.

Mindful colouringFocus on the colours and the flow of the pencil against the paper. Let you mind connect to the pattern and give yourself a sense of creative freedom. Click below to print and colour our mindful mandala.

Body Scan Imagine the ocean flowing through your body, one wave at a time it covers a different part. Slowly drifting back and forth until you are embraced with the power of each wave. Focus on the tension and relaxation of different parts of your body. Let any negativity wash away through your finger tips.

Mindful meditation Be silent. Concentrate on your breathing and focus on your thoughts and sensations within your body. Bring your focus to the present if your mind starts to drift. If you are struggling to sit still, why not try adding in some yoga poses? This allows you to link with your mind and allow your body to create connecting shapes.

Always remember!

When practicing mindfulness always remember to pay attention, be aware and accept, choose to bring your attention back to the present moment, but ALWAYS remember to be kind to yourself.

Be MindfulBe Mindful



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