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A Rainbow Of Hope

17 Jul 2020

Because when the darkness is over, comes brighter skies and happier time's ahead...

The past few months have shaken the world. Its storm has brought upon us a crisis that we have never faced before and one which we could never imagine.

As a nation we have used the symbol of a rainbow to represent thanks, to those who have supported us, hope, that after every dull sky there are brighter clouds to come and positivity, because there’s light at the end of every tunnel beaming with colours of joy.

Normal life has changed dramatically and time has passed within a blink of an eye. BUT, we are slowly moving forward, the ‘new normal’ is becoming, well, normal, and the light looks a little brighter at the end of this rainbow.

We wanted to bring to you an iconic ChloBo style, with a brand-new rainbow charm, as a reminder that there is hope and light to follow the dark times.

Introducing the Cute Charm Rainbow Bracelet, offering you a piece of positivity, hope & good fortune.

Cute Charm Rainbow BraceletCute Charm Rainbow Bracelet

Purchase this piece for yourself, giving you a sense of hope, positivity and good fortune or gift another. Show them that there will always be beauty and brightness once dark times have passed.

The rainbow charm is one which is cherished by many, a reminder on your wrist that through the hard times, the good awaits.

After all there is no rainbow without a little rain… 



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