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Q&A with Poet, Mark Anthony

05 Feb 2020

We recently launched our new Love Letter Bracelet which took inspiration from the beautiful words of Poet, Mark Anthony. For an insight into his creative mind, we’ve asked him a couple of questions about his early career & inspirations…

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with world famous poet – Mark Anthony.

His work is easily recognisable as some of the most romantic modern poetry of the 21st Century & often shared across social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook. He also has a number of best-selling books which are incredibly.


Tell us a little about your early career. Did you study Creative Writing at University or College etc?

I started writing poetry when I became a high school English teacher and wrote along with my students.  I did study poetry in college, but not love poetry.  

Did you always know it was poetry you wanted to focus on?

I didn't know I wanted to write poetry until I had to teach how to write it.

Your work is widely regarded as “romantic” – would you describe yourself as romantic?

I would describe myself as a romantic realist; that is to say, I appreciate romantic sentiment, but at the same time I understand that relationships take work and patience.  

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I draw inspiration from my wife of many years who I love and adore, as well as other works of literature.

Do you have a specific method for how you write?

Sometimes the writing will just come from pure inspiration of the kind you see in the movies, but many times I need to find inspiration from books and other poets.


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