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A Guide To The Perfect Personalised Bracelets & Necklaces...

01 Sep 2021

Hold a message close to your heart with our Personalisation Collection!

Is there anything better than a piece of jewellery that's personal to you?

Add something special to one of our personalised pieces with FREE engraving!

Not sure where to start? Here, let us help...

Step 1

Choose your design:

Take a look at our personalisation bracelets and necklaces to find the ideal piece to give your engraving even more meaning...


Step 2

Choose your charm:

We have three different charms you can choose from and better yet, you can engrave front and back for FREE!

Star Charm: It is time to shoot for the stars and follow the path to our ultimate destiny. Watch the stars glisten and shine for everyone to see.

Moon & Star Charm:
 As each day falls to dusk, a pure and creative mind allows you to watch the magic come alive. Send your wishes into the night sky and inscribe something which means the most to you. Gift yourself or another with the hope and guidance to reach for the stars. 

Heart Charm: Love for yourself, love for others and just because ‘I Love You’. Let your love grow by keeping them close to your heart.


Step 3

Choose your preferred font:

We have two fonts available, Chapaza and Charlotte Bella. 


Step 4

Add your FREE engraving and make it personal:

Engrave the words that mean the most by adding a name, initials, date, or a milestone birthday.


Want To Engrave An Iconic Piece?

Take a look at a few of our much-loved charms which you can now engrave and find the perfect piece...



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