Here's Our Charm Meaning Guide

 Each charm and intricate jewellery design carries significance and meaning, created to reflect the positive philosophies found in the cultures we visit. This means you can stack the pieces that truly resonate with you, to build your own unique story and express your individuality. We are renowned for our iconic 925 sterling silver pieces that embody culture, sentiment and spirituality.


Discover the meaning behind your charms…



The wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. Connected to the symbol of light and change, when we wear the symbol of a dragonfly it reminds us to bring joy and transformation to our lives.




A lotus flower which roots sit in mud but grows to become the most beautiful flower, signifies our strength to overcome obstacles and encourages a journey of enlightenment and harmony.




Elephants are wise sacred creatures, symbolising strength, wisdom and solitude. A reminder that we are strong and compassionate in everything we do.




The heart symbol is a representation of the love we hold in our heart be it for ourselves or a loved one. With everything you do, spread a little compassion.


Dream Catcher


The purpose is to protect sleepers, from bad dreams and evil spirits, making this charm protective and dreamlike.





A symbol to represent our connection as part of the wider universe. Wear the mandala as an enhancement of our spiritual journey.




A feminine symbol which represents purity, creativity and wisdom. Wear the moon to provide your soul nourishment.


Evil Eye


A form of protection which shields us from negative energy. Worn to bring us good luck or given as a blessing to protect those we admire.




Known as the ‘messenger’ those who wear the hummingbird charm are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life and keep negativity at bay. They carry our hopes for love and joy and are a reminder to keep on moving forward.




Hamsa meaning ‘five’ indicating the number of fingers on a loving hand, an amulet that extends blessings, hope, happiness and strength. A symbol known to help banish evil, negative energy and protect.




A protective charm to ward off negative energy and build more positivity into our lives.




Worn as a symbol of hope and guidance. We are all on a path to reaching our ultimate destiny, wear the star as a reminder to stay patient and trust the journey.



One of the most powerful words in the universe and a sacred symbol which opens our mind and brings about an expansion of our energy.




A symbol known to connect us with spirits, find a feather on your path and see it as a message from your guardian angels. A symbol to remind you that you are never alone. 



The butterfly embodies the notion of change and transformation, a reminder that we can grow and change for the better. Wear the butterfly to embrace change.


Tree of Life


A symbol of growth, wisdom and beauty. It represents the interconnectedness of all beings and our personal journey of growth.




Symbolises happiness and abundance. Wear the buddha to relieve sadness and worry. A gentle reminder to practice patience, compassion and kindness therefore we can live a good life.




A symbol of growth and spiritual maturity. Wear the sun as a representation of balance and harmony within your character




A symbol of security, lock in your memories, so that they can be treasured forever.


Angel Wing


A reminder that your guardian angel is always with you. A charm to represent a loved one who is no longer with us or worn as a symbol of love, comfort, guidance and protection.




A sacred place to keep your dreams, a gentle reminder to dream without fear and love without limit.




Live life in full and bloom. The flower charm symbolises blossoming love. Be wild and beautiful and grow with grace.


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