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Cosmic Connection


Based upon the power of affirmations, each piece within the range connects with an affirmation card to bring a sense of guidance and reassurance. At the heart of the collection sits the semi-precious stone, Iolite, which is believed to help shield you from negativity and bring clarity to every situation. What makes this collection so unique is that you can also buy a full desk of 30 affirmation cards to help create a positive impact on your life and emotions.



Splendid Star


Inspired by the culture and history of Marrakesh, the intricate designs are believed to bring luck, guidance and support. The new multi charm designs offer 3, 5 and 7 days of luck as inspired by Moroccan traditions. We love to bring colour into our seasonal collections and within this range the semi-precious stone Pink Opal is present throughout. This was incorporated into the range after taking inspiration from the beautiful waterfalls concealed throughout Marrakesh, as Pink Opal is believed to bring both peace and tranquillity into our lives.

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