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She who rises collection

The collection ‘She Who Rises’ embodies female empowerment, inspiring women to be courageous in all that they do, have the strength to carry on through challenging times and the power to succeed.

This collection features a range of semi-fine chain necklaces and bracelets, including signet rings and bold earrings for a statement style. At the heart of the collection lie five detailed pendants - The Aphrodite Goddess, Sun, Native American Chief, Trident and Lion. Wear the Lion to remind you of the power within, the Native American Chief as a representation of pride and bravery, the Sun to reflect your growth and spiritual energies, the Trident for strength and power and finally, the Aphrodite Goddess as a symbol of your love, beauty, passion and independence.

“Designing our new couture range was about taking that leap of faith, to rise to the challenge and offer something we have never done before. It is this courage and determination that I wanted to portray in our new collection. Each piece reflects the strength and power we have as women, as well as our strong female led brand.” Founder, Chloe Moss.

" There is no

force more powerful

than a woman determined to rise"

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