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  1. Lovers Stone Bracelet
    Lovers Stone Bracelet
    As low as £210.00
  2. Dream Magic Adjustable Bracelet
    Dream Magic Adjustable Bracelet
    As low as £140.00
  3. Lovers Stone Necklace
    Lovers Stone Necklace
    As low as £325.00
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5 Items

Look and feel glamourous with our range of moonstone jewellery, part of our Spring Summer Collection, ‘Soothe the Soul’. The collection has been inspired by the coastline of Abersoch, evoking memories of freedom and true happiness. Moonstone is the perfect stone to feature in this range as it is believed to connect us to the cycle of the moon. It helps remind us of waves glistening below a twilight sky and the peaceful sound of waves lapping in harmony along the shore.

Moonstone is believed to have strong feminine energies which helps to bring inner peace, harmony and emotional balance into our lives. It is also believed to help bring about new beginnings by encouraging personal growth and strength.  

Whether you’re looking for chunky chains, a new stacking bracelet or an adjustable bracelet, our range of moonstone jewellery gives you something for every occasion. The Lovers Stone necklace features three Moonstones for a statement neckline, whereas the Tranquil Aura bracelet features a Moonstone charm for a more delicate look. Why not combine two semi-precious stones? The Moonglade features both amazonite and moonstone beads!

Moonstone is also one of the birth stones in June so put it on your wishlist and send a hint to a loved one!

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