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  1. Touch of Purity Adjustable Bracelet
    Touch of Purity Adjustable Bracelet
    As low as £120.00
  2. Dream Magic Adjustable Bracelet
    Dream Magic Adjustable Bracelet
    As low as £140.00
  3. Quinary Star Bracelet
    Quinary Star Bracelet
    As low as £75.00
  4. Dream Guider Bracelet
    Dream Guider Bracelet
    As low as £65.00
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8 Items

The gorgeous semi-precious stone Amazonite is part of our Spring Summer 2020, Soothe the Soul collection.  The collection has been inspired by the beautiful coastline of Abersoch and each piece reflects the rhythm of the waves breaking in harmony along the shore. Amazonite is the perfect stone to feature within the collection as its rich aqua-green and shades of blue colours mirror the crystal ocean waters that have inspired the collection. Our Amazonite jewellery includes 925-sterling silver and gold stacking bracelets to bring a pop of colour to your ChloBo stacks.

The Dream Guider bracelet and Quinary Star Bracelet have both been designed in smaller sizes for Children. Adjustable bracelets are new for Spring Summer 2020 and are something we’ve never offered before. The Touch of Purity bracelet and Lucky Wishes bracelet bring the vibrant amazonite to life. Why not combine two semi-precious stones? The Moonglade bracelet features both amazonite and moonstone beads!

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