There are no rules to stacking your jewels…

…But if you need a little help, we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

How to Layer Necklaces


Layer Your Lengths

Arguably the most important component in necklace layering is varying your lengths. Not only will this keep your pieces from tangling, it will also add depth and dimension and allow each separate necklace to demand attention.

 While effortlessly stunning worn together, your layering necklaces will add so much versatility to your jewellery box. Our longer layers, like the Positive Vibes Lariat, look flawlessly elegant when worn alone with deep cut dresses, while our delicate Rhythm Of Water Necklace would pair perfectly with a busier outfit. With a growing collection of layering necklaces, your options are endless!

Tip: A simple way to add more than one layer to your collection at once is with multi-layer and multi-charm pieces, from the Soul Glow Necklace to the Lifelong Magic Necklace.



Make It Personal

To make your necklace stack more personal, incorporate some pieces that truly resonate with you. Each charm carries significance, allowing you to build unique and meaningful stories through your jewellery.

From the Link Chain Protection Necklace, dispelling evil and attracting good luck, to the Ariella Necklace, representing power and courage, it’s important to choose a charm that will empower you, bringing you comfort and positivity.

Turn Up The Texture

Mix textures, colours, weights and metals in your layers for the ultimate captivating collection.

The easiest way to mix up your textures is by varying the weights in your collection. By pairing chunkier pieces, such as the Chunky Link Necklace, with daintier layers, like the Twisted Rope Chain Necklace, a captivating charm is added to your collection.

Similarly, by mixing your metals and colours, you can elevate the allure of your layers. By pairing golds and silvers with our semi-precious stones you can add versatility to your collection, ensuring that you will have a layer to suit any outfit!

From the Free Spirit Malachite Lariat Necklace to the Citrine Raw Nugget Necklace, we have a semi-precious piece to please everyone. Keep an eye out for our Seasonal Collections to see which precious stones appear next.  

However you layer your necklaces,

remeber to choose pieces that empower you,

bring you positivity and make your soul happy!


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