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ChloBo Hallmarking


Under the 1973 Hallmarking act it is a legal requirement for silver weighing over 7.78gms to have a UK recognised hallmark from one of the UK’s Assay Offices. There are 4 Assay Offices in the UK – London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield.

What is it?

A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal, mostly to certify the content of precious metals—such as silver. Hallmarks are a legal requirement on products of a certain weight – depending on the metal being marked.

What does it look like?

Each hallmark tells its own story through a series of individual marks within the hallmark. A complete ChloBo hallmark consists of three symbols:

Sponsor’s Mark

This is a minimum of 2 initials that is our unique ChloBo design.

Standard Mark

This symbol is a number that tells you the type and standard of the metal the article is made from e.g. 925.

Assay Office Mark

This states which Assay Office tested the article and hallmarked it. Each town has its own symbol for representation.


Items of minimum fineness, weighing less than 7.78gms (this includes our individual charms) will not carry a hallmark.

Our guarantee to you

ChloBo fully complies with the 1973 Hallmarking act and all of our precious metal jewellery that we sell carries the legally required independent hallmark which verifies that the metal content (unless the item is exempt by weight). Please be assured that you are buying a piece that has been sourced from high quality credited bullion which is checked for authenticity. Take care of your ChloBo sterling silver and it will love you back for years to come!

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